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Sunday, May 3, 2009


Height: 5' 9" Hair: Blonde Eyes: Crystal Blue

Currently the BARBI TWINS dedicate their lives completely to animal causes on all levels. The BARBI TWINS have founded an animal welfare organization called Kitty Liberation Front.

The BARBI TWINS are authors and spokespersons who have always promoted good health while educating people about eating disorders.

The BARBI TWINS requested that all proceeds of their book be donated to eating disorder charities.

History: Shane and Sia the BARBI TWINS were born in San Diego, California. After their parents divorce, the BARBI TWINS legally took on their mother's maiden name of Barbi. The BARBI TWINS moved around a lot and mostly lived separately (one with their mother while the other was with their father). The BARBI TWINS have lived in several states including Texas, Arizona, Florida, Oregon, New Mexico, and California.

Hopes and Dreams: When they were very young the BARBI TWINS wanted to be Catholic nuns because they were in awe of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron of animals and ecology. Later the BARBI TWINS dreams leaned towards more realistic goals and their love of animals turned their interests into becoming veterinarians. Their modeling career, which was part of their lives early on, skyrocketed them to success and fame. The BARBI TWINS love of sports led them into studying health and fitness and to educate others on health and eating disorders. They always donated their proceeds and volunteered their time to their causes that they believe in.

Education: Initially the BARBI TWINS studied animal husbandry. Later they received major degrees in nutrition, with minors in biochemistry and kinesiology.

Interests: The BARBI TWINS love baseball (both playing and watching professional baseball), and most sports in general. Their favorite exercises are to run on the beach, hike the hills or roller blade with their foster dogs. And, of course, because of their love of animals they volunteer at animal shelters and help in charitable animal causes.

Career: Modeling separately since the age of 7 the BARBI TWINS have appeared in such magazines as "Seventeen", "Teen Magazine", "Mademoiselle" and many catalogs including the "Sears" catalog. Landmark launched four top selling worldwide Calendars in 1991-1994. Landmark also placed a billboard of the twins on Sunset Blvd in 1990 to introduce the BARBI TWINS , which caused overwhelming worldwide press. Hugh Hefner caught sight of the billboard and history was made with their two record-breaking Playboy cover issues. They have had TV and movie scripts written exclusively for them and even their own BARBI TWINS comic book. They have been on numerous media interviews and television specials including "48 Hours' "Slim Chance", Entertainment Tonight, and “E!" True Hollywood Story,, Inside Edition, etc. The BARBI TWINS interviews also included full-page feature articles as shown in the N.Y. Post and USA Today. Though they continue to turn work down, this was all worth it for the BARBI TWINS because this gave them a podium to continue their success with animals. The BARBI TWINS have finished and helped produce two animal rights movies and a television special on animal rescue.

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