Yes, Ashley Dupre is posing Nude for the May 2010 issue of Playboy Magazine


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Friday, April 16, 2010



Prior to the Eliot Spitzer affair, Ashley Dupre was just another hooker going by a fake name and doing rich guys who payed up to $5,000 to have sex with the sexy New York Call Girl. In addition to spreading her legs for cash, Ashley Dupre had dreams of becoming a professional musician and her once upon a time Myspace page was filled with second rate trash covering for music along side some story about singing in the shower and some guy who wanted to bag her telling her she had a good voice.

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Since that time, Ashley Dupre has done a fairly good job of taking advantage of her 15 minutes of fame, as have others in her past. One such example was Joel over at Girls Gone Wild who dug through his archives to find some drunken naked pictures of a younger Ashley Dupre Masturbating for beer money.

The release of Ashley Dupre on Girls Gone Wild resulted in Playboy Bunny Ashley Dupre trying to make an extra few bucks by taking Joel to court over the Girls Gone Wild spread, stating she was under age at the time and the pictures could not be published. Whatever the result, pictured of Ashley Dupre stroking her Monkey soon flooded the internet.

Following the whole Ashley Dupre Girls Gone Wild incident, Ashley Dupre was not really heard of too often. Pretending to hid from camera's in planned "celebrity" sightings got Ashley Dupre a little bit of attention but nothing really happened until Ashley Dupre landed herself a gig as a Sex Columnist for a New York newspaper. All of a Sudden, Ashley Dupre was back in the search trends.

Of course, this was now perfect timing for Playboy to do an Ashley Dupre pictorial. With her newly kindled fame, Ashley Dupre went to visit Hef and voila, off come her pants and the world now can see Ashley Dupre's beautifully shaved pussy.

In an interview about the Playboy Magazine pictorial, Ashley Dupre said she wanted to wait out the whole Eliot Spitzer scandal because she did not want to be labeled as "Spitzers Girl" well, Ashley, if this was really true, you should have told the gang over at Playboy of your desires as it seems you are still and will always be known as Spitzers Girl or the Goverwhore. Sorry, at least you can cry in the buttloads of cash you were given for gracing the world with pictures of your beautiful pussy. Yes, I have fixated on Ashley Dupre's pussy... even though it probably smells of Eliots' giz. Nothing a good Douche won't fix though.

Here is a great illustration of the shear beauty of Ashley Dupre's Naked Shaved Pussy. Yes, we now know, Ashley Dupre does shave her pussy.... at least for the May 2010 issue of Playboy Magazine featuring a very naked Ashley Dupre.

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